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Game breaking exploit

sghostsghost Posts: 1
edited June 2020 in Report a Bug
This bug involves abusing the free upgrade by watching an add. When you start watching the add, pull out navigation buttons and press the home screen one. Then click on the game icon and return to the game. The add is stopped and you're back at the upgrade select menu with the watch video button grayed out. Press cancel then choose to upgrade the stat for free again by watching the video again. Repeat the cancellation, return to game and watch video again process for as many times as you need to max out the stat you were offered to upgrade for free. I should point out that in order to receive the upgrades you have to watch in full the video for the final upgrade.
Sometimes, the video doesn't play after the first cancel or at any other point. In that case, simply force close the app and restart it. You'll be placed in a race track, hit gas to go and quit out of it. The free upgrade offer is back and you can try to max the stat again.
Also, if you have multiple vehicles that you can upgrade and want the free upgrade on a different one, choose the one you want to upgrade, get in a race, quit and close the game. Restart the game and you will be in the track with the last vehicle used, quit race and now you get the free upgrade option for that vehicle.
And from what I can tell, the free upgrades are offered up to level 4 so if you upgraded a stat to 5, you won't get the free upgrade offered for that stat anymore. You can use this to upgrade all stats to level 4 to lessen the amount of times repeating the exploit process.
I basically unlocked everything in the game in about 4 days using the above methods.
Fun game though.
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