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June 2020 Roadmap Discussion



  • _HighVoltage__HighVoltage_ Posts: 275 ✭✭✭✭
    To be fair you are correct, I'd keep your minds open, we do have an update to the Roadmap coming in the new week or so, but I don't know exactly what you might be expecting :D
    Don't expect too much from a small company like Hutch...after all you are only worth $375 million.
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    edited December 2020
    To be fair you are correct, I'd keep your minds open, we do have an update to the Roadmap coming in the new week or so, but I don't know exactly what you might be expecting :D

    As long as it doesn't make the game actively worse, I'll be happy. Please no more arbitrary changes between medium and low ride height. The fact that performance on city streets is binary (low = lose, medium = win) is completely unrealistic - changing a car from medium to low under the pretense of "realism" to take advantage of a fundamentally unrealistic mechanic is not value added. In fact, I'd say it's negative value as it punishes people who put effort into their garages. I do actually like the city streets mechanic regardless of realism because it makes more cars relevant, I just don't want which cars are suited to it to be a moving target.
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    If i understand, this is what I asked for. An update to the June roadmap, not an update for the game :)

    Looking forward to it !

    I think i will find time and motivation to translate it in French :)
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    Adding @Hutch_Robin message here to continue the discussion :)

    Christmas Dev Update

    As we release our Christmas update, I thought I’d give you some intel on where we’re going next. We’re working on a number of things that aren’t yet ready for showtime, including:

    -       A flexible criteria system for events and challenges. This will allow us to create more designs that reduce our reliance on client releases. Plus, the system is more powerful, allowing us to bundle criteria together to create new criteria that cannot currently exist.

    -       A more polished user interface, built for the quality-of-life changes and new features that we hope to add in the months that follow, setting TD up for the future.

    -       Higher fidelity 3D environments, as you may have seen in our marketing videos

    -       Engine improvements and improved tune diversity (along with being able change a cars’ tuning when this improvement comes along), in addition to more Championships, and numerous other things. All this and more is on our minds for next year.

    I have spoken about these before though, so I’ll add something new. This year showed single-player content can play a bigger role in the game than we previously knew, with the new seasonal collection challenges becoming a flagship part of Top Drives.

    We want to create more different kinds of single player content, giving more opportunities to test your car roster and win great prizes. I began exploring different ideas and from this the team designed a new structure of UI and tooling to help us accomplish this.

    One of the big challenges, as I don’t just direct TD, is I design every event and nearly every challenge. That’s not particularly scalable, and yet we ran 1,600 events over the twelve months, up 20% on the year before. (If that number seems high, note that different level players get events by the same name, but of very different design.)

    In July, we improved our event tooling (improving the event set-up process). In October, we improved our challenge tooling (improving challenge design process). From this, we set up events more quickly, and challenges can be designed more quickly, and they tend to be better constructed challenges, too.

    We want to carry this forward to next year by developing a new structure that, if nothing else, introduces two things: Keys that we can award and use instead of common prize cars as criteria, so making that system official and clearer in-game, and, running more than one single player gameplay mode at once, whilst designing new regular sustainable content to challenge players at all levels.

    We’ll spend some time getting some rest over Christmas after this long year, and then get back to it in January. Thanks everyone for supporting the team and Top Drives, and have a great Christmas!

    Robin Scannell, Game Director

    From second message of this thread :

  • AslanVAslanV Posts: 1,083 ✭✭✭
    For French speakers:

    Comme nous sommes en train de delivrer notre update de Noel, J'ai pense vous donne des indications sur nos futurs plans. Nous sommes en trains de travailler sur plusieurs choses qui ne sont pas encore pretes pour une release, incluant :   

    - Un systeme de critere plus flexible pour les evenements et challenges. Cela nous permettra de creer plus de design qui se base actuellement sur des releases de clients. Plus, le systeme sera plus puissant, nous permettant de grouper les criteres ensemble pour creer de nouveau criteres qui n'existe pas actuellement.

    - Un inferface utilisateur plus propre, construite pour les futures ameliorations de qualite de vie et des nouvelles fonctions que nous experons ajouter dans le(s ??) mois qui suive(nt ??), preparant Top Drives pour le futur.

    - Des environnements 3D avec une meilleure fidelite, comme on peut voir dans nos videos marketing.

    - Des ameliorations du moteurs et une amelioration du systemes de tuning (avec la possibilite de changer les ameliorations d'une voiture qui viendra avec). En plus d'ajouter des Championnats, et plusieurs autres choses. Tout cela et plus est dans nos tetes pour l'annee prochaines.

    J'ai deja parle a propos d'eux avant, donc je vais ajouter de nouvelles choses. Cette annee a montre que le contenu solo peut jouer un plus grand role dans le jeu que nous pensions, avec les tags temporaires devenant une part importante de Top Drives.

    Nous voulons creer encore plus de differentes sortes de contenu pour joueur solo, donnant plus d'opportunites de tester votre garage and de gagner des prix exceptionnels. J'ai commence a explorer differentes idees and de cela l'equipe a designe une nouvelle structure d'interface utilisateur and outils pour nous aider a accomplir cela.

    Un des plus grans challenges, comme je ne dirige (Direct ??) pas seulement TopDrives, est que je cree tous les evenements et presques tous les challenges. Cela ne peut pas durer sur le long terme, and pourtant nous avons fait 1600 evenements sur 12 mois, une augmentation de 20% par rapport a l'annee derniere. (Si ce nombre semble haut, notez que differents niveaux de joueurs ont le meme nom d'evenement, mais avec un different design.)

    En Juillet, nous avons ameliorer notre outil de creation d'evenement (Ameliorant le processus de creation). En Octobre, nous avons ameliorer notre outil de conception de challenge (Ameliorant le processus de creation). De ces ameliorations, nous pouvons creer les evenements plus rapidement, and les challenges peuvent etre concu plus rapidement, et ils tendent a etre mieux construit aussi.

    Nous voulons continuer l'annee prochaine en developant une nouvelle structure qui, entre autre, introduices deux choses: Cles que nous pourrons faire gagner et utiliser a la place des voitures trophees commune, afin de faire un processus officiel et claire dans le jeu, et, faire plusieurs modes de jeux solitaire en meme temps, qui permettront une conception sustainable de contenu pour challenger les joueurs de tous les niveaux.

    Nous passerons quelques temps a nous reposer durant Noel apres cette longue annee, et retournerons en Janvier. Merci a tous pour supporter l'equipe 

    PS : Desole les accents, le clavier americain n'en dispose pas.

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    While reading/translating, got some questions : 

    built for the quality-of-life changes and new features that we hope to add in the months that follow, -> It is in the month or in months ? Not sure if month is plural or singular ...

    as I don’t just direct TD -> Direct is a verb to describe a game director job correct ? 

    Overall, I am happy that we will have more single player content, and more challenge ahead of us.

    Still worried about the tuning diversity (Easy to understand, hard to master at the moment) and generally, it is hard to be simple, and easy to output a complicated process.

    On the higher fidelity 3D Environment's, still not convinced as I skip a lot of race. A sum up of the race with won, lose and time, on the 3 Stars screen would be more useful for me.

    Finally I am looking foward the ideas you have for the differents kinds of single player content.
  • D3nzelloD3nzello Posts: 233 ✭✭✭
    AslanV said:
    While reading/translating, got some questions : 

    built for the quality-of-life changes and new features that we hope to add in the months that follow, -> It is in the month or in months ? Not sure if month is plural or singular ...

    sounds plural to me, since we all know hutch never gives out exact dates :p

    also in the single player campaigns you have the option to "random hand" , wonder if thats something that could be made for a multiplayer 1v1 as well, I imagine that would be something fun to kill time.
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