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  • rei348rei348 Posts: 1,419 ✭✭✭✭
    JPinto said:
    JPinto said:
    Anyone can help me with Round 21? (Or even 22...)

    This is what I have right now:

    Murciélago is 363
    SRT Viper is 333
    Boss is on its way to 636
    Viper RT/10 is 969
    Mustang 2.3 is 369

    I suppose the Mustang 2.3 can be the key since it's lacking some upgrades...could a full upgrade be of any help?

    Sorry but I dont believe you will make it as 2.3 mustang wont win anything (at least mine at 699 didnt).  Youll need another RT/10 as a minimum to get past 21
    What about using the Aston Martin Bulldog? Could be of any help? I saw it has quite a decent MRA...
    Bulldog is useless in round 21, doesn't win anything. Sorry...
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