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Call of the Wild

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Call of the Wild Challenge Series

Here in the Wild, you’ll find lions, birds, foxes, bats and many more creatures. Celebrating car models sharing the name (and sometimes the attributes) of agile and powerful creatures, you will spend the week contending in Events of brands where the model names are animals, earning Jaguar XK120 (1948), the key to the Challenge.

While you earn your five Jaguar XK120’s to progress in the Challenge, you’ll also be powering up your Call of the Wild hand. We have selected a few dozen cars named after various animals, including the entire Ram manufacturer. Although there may be other animal named or inspired vehicles - for this Series the focus is on those marked with the tag. In the Challenge, you will be tasked with winning races utilising these cars, to win great prizes. 

- Earn Jaguar XK120s by competing in Events.

- Each time you earn a Jaguar XK120, you unlock new rounds in the Challenge

- Beat rounds in the Challenge to earn prizes

Call of the Wild bundles and packs will be available for purchase with Gold in the store throughout the week. While previously we introduced 50 Silver Screen cars, this time there are 20% more, for a total of 62 cars.


All 150+ RQ players will gain access to the following Events:

- The Menagerie

- Big Fish, Small Pond

- Spider-Sense

- The Albatross

- Bull-Headed

330+ RQ players will find their standard Event each day also present further opportunities to win the key cars and win Call of the Wild packs. These Events include:

- Serpentine

- Apex Predator

- Dead as a Dodo

- Scorpion Valley

Additionally, all players who are 4000+ trophies will have more generous prize tiers, offering more Jaguar Prize cars in each bracket. 


As this Challenge is offering great prizes, expect it to be incredibly challenging.

Prizes include the following Call of the Wild packs:1x Standard, 2x Premium, 3x Carbon Fiber packs and these Prize cars: C/45 Lancia Stratos (1973), A/66 Jaguar F-Type Rally Car (2018), S93/ McLaren F1 GTR Short Tail (1995).

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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