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PL12.20.01 Update Notes

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Dear Drivers,

Today we are releasing a minor update for Top Drives, preparing data for the upcoming iOS changes, as well as bringing various bug fixes. Please find the full log below:


  • Improved garage data storage which should decrease boot load time allowing you to get into the game quicker.
  • Added an option for players to opt in or out of the personalised ads when starting the game.


  • Fixed an issue on iOS that caused the game to crash when entering the Events screen.
  • Fixed an issue with cars not appearing in the holding pool after being rewarded from Events and Challenges.
  • Fixed an issue with the Bonus Bar not displaying correctly on the Race results screen.
  • Added a missing 2020s filter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused in-game sound settings to reset when connecting the phone to a Bluetooth headset.
  • We’ve had another look at the issue with RQ rewards cycling on the home screen, this should now be fixed.

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