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Important - Please Read

Hutch_ChrisHutch_Chris Posts: 8 admin
Hi everyone,

As of May 31st 2021, we will no longer be operating or supporting Hot Wheels: Race Off. To
avoid confusion, we’ve laid out a timeline of what you can expect over the coming months

Dec 1st 2020 (Today), we’ll be removing the ability for players to purchase items in-game.
At the same time, we’re increasing the amount of free gifts all players will receive each day
to ensure players can continue progressing in the game without needing to purchase

Mar 1st 2021, we will remove the game from the App and Play Stores, preventing new
players from finding and downloading the game.

June 1st 2021, the game’s servers will be switched off. Players will be able to continue
playing the game locally and offline for as long as they like after this date, but no online
gameplay will be available.This means the following will be unavailable: multiplayer, cloud
saves, friends leaderboards and the daily race off. The following will still be available: single
player campaign, gifts, the gallery, stunt chests.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s played and enjoyed Hot Wheels: Race
Off over the years. If you’d like to see what we do next, you can find our other games on the
Appstore and Play Store. We’d love you to come join us.
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  • TorizoTorizo Posts: 2
    Thank you for the heads up! Will there be a new way outside of the Daily Race-Off to obtain the Supercharged vehicles? My son loves this game and I'm sure will continue to play it as long as his iPad works.
  • FlashBeamFlashBeam Posts: 6
    Aw man, I liked this game. Thanks for telling us and for this awesome app you’ve kept running over the years.
  • ClefClef Posts: 2
    Just reading this and in a panic. My kid loves this game and has worked tirelessly to unlock all of the cars and is now in the process of supercharging them. How am I going to break the news to him? If I upgrade my AppleTV is there a way to copy the game over? Are there other Hot Wheels games you make!?!?!!
  • ClefClef Posts: 2
    So no more supercharged vehicles after the game is ended? My kid is working overtime trying to unlock everything and supercharge all the vehicles but I don’t think he will make it before June 1st.
  • MilGrauMilGrau Posts: 17
    Well... At least the game made me spend some of my free time. Thank u so much guys 
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