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PL13 Patch Notes

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After months of sitting at home, racers flock to dusty roads. It is here we celebrate the ingenuity of engineers and the outlaws competing in elite races in pursuit of fame and fortune. Straight out of the Wild West comes a new collection adorned with familiar stars and stripes. Welcome to the American Frontier.

Sit down with a glass of Tennessee's finest as we take you through what’s coming.


In PL13: American Frontier, we are adding over 180 new models from many familiar brands. 


Spearheading the update is the All-American Ford which brings 60 new vehicle models. Slam your rivals in dirt with the notorious Ford F-150 Raptor truck, or conquer the rough terrain with the greatest American automotive icon, the Ford Bronco.

Otherwise, fans of gutsy engines will welcome the inclusion of several muscle and racing beasts, such as the Mustang FR500GT, 1967 GT40 race car, and Ford Police Interceptor Sedan, bringing the final touches to your Ford collection. And don’t forget the Ford Mustang GT4 - with stock handling of 94, rear wheel drive and slick tyres, only a few cars will pose a threat to the ultimate product of Ford Performance division.


There’s more good news for truck and muscle enthusiasts as Dodge/Ram presents with 54 new cars between the two of them. 

The variety is astounding, making the choice of highlights very challenging, however our favourite additions in this update include a serious selection of Viper models to satisfy your racing lust, with the Viper SRT-10 ACR X perhaps being the finest example.

With other fan-favourites coming in PL13, including the Charger, Razor and Venom to name a few, there is something for everyone in the updated Dodge/RAM collection. Do make sure to check out the full list of vehicles with the All Cars feature.


Chrysler represents 42 models from its century-long history. Your garage will benefit from some of Chrysler’s most iconic vehicles including this Chrysler Firepower concept, which sadly never made it to production, but you still have a chance to own one in Top Drives.

Another notable example is the original 1957 Chrysler 300C. In fact, a whole range of Chrysler 300 series vehicles are for the taking in the American Frontier update, along with many concept cars such as Chrysler Nassau or Phaeton. With models covering a wide range of RQ levels, there is no lack of new unique Chrysler models for classic American car enthusiasts.


The Import luxury brand Acura comes with 30 models, bringing many alternatives to the long-standing American brands.

The choice is yours as Japanese-American legends including the Acura NSX and Integra Type R are all making their way to the Top Drives garages across the globe, while Acura’s school of conceptual engineering is observed in futuristic vehicles like the Acura HSC and DN-X.


Finally, the now extinct American Motor Corporation (AMC) gives us a glimpse into the glorious past of American car manufacturing with 8 classic models of the finest breed, including the AMC Gremlin, AMX/3 and Rebel Machine.


As with all of our previous updates, a series of corrections, rarity changes and RQ changes are coming in the PL13 update. Once again we would like to express our gratitude to the car corrections team who voluntarily help us enhance the authenticity of your gameplay experience. You can access the Public Car Corrections sheet by following the links below:

PL13 Public Car Corrections sheet:

PL13 Rarity Changes tab:

PL13 RQ Changes tab:

As always, you can make suggestions for future corrections and report any inconsistencies in the dedicated forum thread:


The Aircraft Boneyard is the new playable 3D environment introduced in PL13.

Eight new challenges take place out in the dust in an abandoned airfield, inspired by a real United States Air Force base which now acts as an aircraft boneyard for all excess military and U.S. government aircraft and aerospace vehicles.

New Environment offers a variety of challenges for outlaws and desperados alike.

Feed your rivals with dust on the brand new Runway Drag strip.

Massive aircraft hangars serve as a perfect backdrop for bitter racing gang showdowns.

Witness the best drivers viciously attacking the twisty service roads to get an upper hand over their foes.


  • KTM X-Bow RR (2016) no longer has the German Renaissance tag. 

  • Scroll bar in the filter categories now appears in the correct position at the top.


  • Issue with Country filter - countries are not categorised properly based on the number of Cars.


That’s it for today, and enjoy the new update!

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    Christmas Dev Update

    As we release our Christmas update, I thought I’d give you some intel on where we’re going next. We’re working on a number of things that aren’t yet ready for showtime, including:

    -       A flexible criteria system for events and challenges. This will allow us to create more designs that reduce our reliance on client releases. Plus, the system is more powerful, allowing us to bundle criteria together to create new criteria that cannot currently exist.

    -       A more polished user interface, built for the quality-of-life changes and new features that we hope to add in the months that follow, setting TD up for the future.

    -       Higher fidelity 3D environments, as you may have seen in our marketing videos

    -       Engine improvements and improved tune diversity (along with being able change a cars’ tuning when this improvement comes along), in addition to more Championships, and numerous other things. All this and more is on our minds for next year.

    I have spoken about these before though, so I’ll add something new. This year showed single-player content can play a bigger role in the game than we previously knew, with the new seasonal collection challenges becoming a flagship part of Top Drives.

    We want to create more different kinds of single player content, giving more opportunities to test your car roster and win great prizes. I began exploring different ideas and from this the team designed a new structure of UI and tooling to help us accomplish this.

    One of the big challenges, as I don’t just direct TD, is I design every event and nearly every challenge. That’s not particularly scalable, and yet we ran 1,600 events over the twelve months, up 20% on the year before. (If that number seems high, note that different level players get events by the same name, but of very different design.)

    In July, we improved our event tooling (improving the event set-up process). In October, we improved our challenge tooling (improving challenge design process). From this, we set up events more quickly, and challenges can be designed more quickly, and they tend to be better constructed challenges, too.

    We want to carry this forward to next year by developing a new structure that, if nothing else, introduces two things: Keys that we can award and use instead of common prize cars as criteria, so making that system official and clearer in-game, and, running more than one single player gameplay mode at once, whilst designing new regular sustainable content to challenge players at all levels.

    We’ll spend some time getting some rest over Christmas after this long year, and then get back to it in January. Thanks everyone for supporting the team and Top Drives, and have a great Christmas!

    Robin Scannell, Game Director

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    I am so MAD, that again, you picked an epic I dont have to make it legendary. 

    Not only did not having this car make the last weeks frustrating, the Frustration will now be eternal.

    Sorry for the negativity, but this stings. 
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