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13.1 Update Release Notes

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In this update, we are bringing changes to our Challenges system, in addition to car corrections and bug fixes.

The Challenge is a game mode in Top Drives which requires players to beat a number of rounds while claiming great rewards along the way. It has proven to be an extremely popular way to engage with the game as its single-player nature does not require meticulous timing, unlike the Tri-Series game mode.

So far, the game only allowed one Challenge to be available at a time. With increased demand from players for more single-player content, we’ve looked at our opportunities in expanding the Challenge game mode and bringing more content for you to enjoy.

Today, we are proud to introduce to you our brand new Challenges suite. This new functionality, developed in-house over the course of several months, allows us to run multiple Challenges simultaneously.

Here’s how the new Challenges will look and work (please note that screenshots below do not necessarily all come from the same play session, so values may vary).

Game Main Screen

The traditional Challenges panel on the home screen now features a new image, as well as an indicator which shows the total number of Challenge Categories that you still have attempts in.

More on attempts and Challenge Categories below. Click on the Challenges panel to view the Challenge Categories screen.

Challenge Categories Screen

By clicking on the Challenges panel, you will be taken to the Challenge Categories screen, which contains a list of all Challenge Categories currently available in the game. 

The Challenge Categories contain multiple Challenges within them, and each Category has a different difficulty and theme to it.

The number in the top right of the Category panel indicates the number of Challenges with attempts you have in the Category (1 in this case). More on attempts below.

Click on any of the Challenge Categories to explore what each Category contains. 

Challenges Screen

By clicking on the Challenge Category, you will now see all the Challenges within the Category.

Let’s talk about how attempts will work in the new Challenge suite, and how to progress in the new Challenges. 

The number 8 in the screenshot above represents the number of attempts you have left in this particular Challenge, that is, the number of times you can attempt to play the next round of the Challenge. 

How are attempts earned?

Attempts refresh at 10AM every morning (UK time). The number of attempts in a Challenge will depend on the event design. For instance, if design is restricted to 5 attempts in the Challenge, then at 10AM, 5 attempts will refresh.

How are attempts deducted?

Previously, after completing each round of the Challenge, you would earn stars depending on your performance, which in turn would allow you to open slots on the Prize Board. This has changed as the Prize Boards have been removed from the Challenges.

You will still earn stars for attempting the Challenge, and as before you will only advance in the round if you achieve all three stars. But now, attempts will only deduct if you achieve all three stars and advance in the Challenge. This means you can keep attempting a challenge until you beat it (or until your cars need servicing).

For example, if you earn three stars and complete a round, we will remove one attempt from you. If you only earned one or two stars, you will not move to the next round, but you will not lose your attempts, either.

At the moment, you cannot purchase additional attempts.

Next, click on the available Challenge to view the Challenge details.

Challenge Screen

The Challenge screen has a new look to it as well, as it now features updated criteria options, and lists requirements differently than before.

You are now able to scroll through all Rounds in the Challenge and determine the requirements necessary to take part in one.

In the bottom right corner you can also see the total number of attempts (rounds you can play) remaining.

Finally, you can see a Key requirement (the Top Drives badge) to enter the Challenge. More on Keys below.

If you can fulfill all the criteria necessary to enter the Round, you can start playing!


Keys are a new way for us to allow limited entries to Challenges. These Keys are usually obtained through Challenges and Events, depending on the design of the Challenge.

An example of a Key

For instance, the very first Challenge in the Category consisting of two Challenges might not require any Keys; instead, it could be a free-for-all Challenge that awards Keys for your progression (see the Rewards screen below).

Keys act as rewards in this Challenge

As you earn Keys by completing rounds in the first Challenge, you are able to use them to activate the rounds in the second Challenge. 

This new system is extremely flexible as it allows us to experiment with various Challenge designs, so the example above is only one demonstration of the power of the new tools. Keys can be both consumed on use, or used multiple times.


In addition to the new Challenges suite, in the 13.1 update we are also introducing the new flexible criteria system.

A word from Robin, our Game Director:

‘The new criteria system allows greater flexibility in designing requirements. We wanted to bring the dual criteria over from events to challenges, instead we went further developing a new system. The system allows us to stitch together criteria on the fly, rather than having to encode things in the client ahead of time.’ Robin says, ‘One example is rather than having a requirement of 3x Pontiac and 2x Subaru, we can have a 5x requirement for cars from the pool of all Pontiacs and Subarus. It allows designs to utilise smaller groups of cars in combination to make them viable. In future, this system will come to events and packs.’

Please note that the example above comes from the test build, so the actual criteria we may use in a Challenge might not be as extensive. 


Update 13.1 features a number of car corrections. As usual, the spreadsheet containing all changes can be accessed by going to the following link below: 

Update 13.1 Car Corrections


A number of bug fixes making their way to Top Drives in the latest update:

  • Chrysler 200 Convertible now correctly displays its 3D-model during races. No more ghosts driving around the track now!

  • Cars with body-type set as Cabriolet now correctly show when filtering for body-type Convertible. This has previously affected the following cars: Chrysler 200 Convertible, Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country Convertible,  Chrysler PT Cruiser GT Convertible.

  • Fixed an issue with the US Standard Tyre pack not dropping the appropriate Standard Tyre cars.

  • Fixed an issue where packs awarded from Challenges sometimes had invisible cards.

  • Minor localisation improvements.


As part of our testing process, we have identified a couple of issues related to the new Challenges user interface. You should be aware of the following potential issues:

  • On poorly performing devices, various panels (images) can disappear from the Challenges screen after resolving a match.

  • At intermittent intervals the rarity colour on the card in the Rewards Tabs of a Challenge will default to white. It will stay that colour only on that screen.

  • Minor issues with Japanese, Russian and German localisations.

If you encounter other issues or bugs, please do not hesitate to let us know in the corresponding forum threads. 

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  • gvereb11gvereb11 Posts: 5
    Poor Fulvia : '(
    You should change the Fulvia picture too, this isn't a rally car anymore
  • lemmings99olemmings99o Posts: 1,871 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Wait, you've nerfed the pescarolo just to avoid it going up in rarity, even tho the stats it now has are wrong?  How is that keeping the game accurate? What's to stop you in the future going "this car is also overpowered for its rarity even tho the specs are correct, guess we'll just nerf this as well"
  • Yama_sanYama_san Posts: 392 ✭✭✭
    Not sure to understand changes for the Lotus Elan:

    It went up in RQ (34 to 35) due to improved acceleration (26.78 to 25)... according to the file, but the car actually lost visible acceleration (0-60 from 6.9 to 7.0 for an upgraded Elan in 9.6.9).

  • O__VERO__VER Posts: 2,157 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I hope that "attempts remaining" flag is just a stopgap until the UI overhaul, because that's some pretty bad 'afterthought' UI design. It looks awful.
  • AslanVAslanV Posts: 1,067 ✭✭✭
    I kind of like it, 

    More worried about the requirements UI ...

    But I really want to try it first ! :D
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