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2017 Ford Taurus SHO - Tire or Top Speed issue.

PrestonLKPrestonLK Posts: 63 ✭✭
It's unclear whether the game is trying to represent a SHO equipped with the performance package or not. The performance package raises the electronically limited top speed to 141mph (from 131mph), as well as making suspension, brake, and tire changes from a regular SHO. A non-performance package SHO, as it appears the game is trying to represent based on the car's top speed, would be running P245/45R20 AS BSW tires (AS meaning All-Season) which would be standards, while a performance package equipped car would be running a performance summer tire (as mentioned in this review). If the game is trying to represent a car not equipped with this package the vehicle needs a tire change, and if the game is trying to represent the Performance Package, that would mean the car in game would need a top speed increase.


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