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The JESKO ABSOLUT. Some data

The Jesko Absolut. Some data

 Well, the Jesko Absolut’s tri-series is over, and some of us have been lucky enough to win one.

But how good is it? Let’s take a look.

NOTE: measurements with the Jesko Absolut in 111 vs. other vehicles in different states of tune. 

NOTE2: interesting previous read wrt methodology for HRA here


This is Jesko’s main reason of existence. No secret that it is an acceleration beast. Let’s compare it with others (admittedly, in different states of tune)

Indeed, the Jesko Absolut is an absolute beast

It is not the fastest off the line, but it indeed recovers quite quickly and by 100mph is on par with e.g. a Veyron SuperSport 121.

It is faster than a Chiron 121 to 150 mph, and the sprint 100-170 takes a whole 0.83 less (5.25s in the Chiron, 4.42 in the Jesko, that, remember, is 111).

Bugatti vs. Koenigsegg. Jesko is 111, Veyron and Chiron are 121 and One:1 is 223

This is how the Jesko Absolut would kill your campaign McLaren 12c or RUF Yellowbird.

Of course, this translates on the Jesko Absolut being the new drag king. Just look at these figures:

Would the Jesko be 121, it would also be faster than the Chiron in the ¼ mile (confirmed, it does it in 8.95s)

And what about test bowl?

Look at the Jesko – 295 mph! One:1 is “just” 264mph (at 223!), whilst the Chiron is 248mph


And metrics – MRA, HRA

Remember the HRA post? Let’s see Jesko’s figures.

Jesko’s got the best HRA so far.


Look at that incredible HRA figure. It is by far the best in the game (that I could measure), and it explains how it annihilates the others above 100mph.

Note that the MRA figure somehow differs from TopDrive’s official one: I got 117.35 vs. the “official” of 123.15. Undoubtedly as per the lack of significative decimal digits in the 0-60 measure. Interestingly enough, the figure in 121 is 127.07, as a result of 2.3s in the 0-60 and 4.11 in the 0-100. It is undoubtedly an issue with the #of decimals in the 0-60mph timing. 

Conclusion: What a crazy car the Jesko Absolut is, the new drag king in my garage.


If you have figures with other Jesko Absolut’s tunes, please, post them here!

Follow me for more metrics / measurements. And @hutch, I need more legendaries for these samples and analysis! E.g., I’d love to compare this Jesko with the Bugatti Chiron Sport or with the Rimac C_Two, and I don’t have them in my garage… you could definitely include them so I could compare 😊

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