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Versus Arena

I would like for the staff to share some tips and tricks regarding the arena, and their thoughts on how it is best to implement the bonus system with the card bonuses.  

Currently I am at x10 on every vehicle, x11 on a few.

It seems that any race with the amphibious vehicle is essentially a waste of time as it only garners a few thousand even with the larger bonuses.

I seem to do the best with the GT/Micro races.

One of the things I am trying to figure out is how does my opponent, with the same vehicle as me get to keep going even though I am out of fuel and well ahead of them.  I know I didn't miss any pick-ups.  This is especially apparent when I am racing with the Tank.

Additionally, it seems that fuel placement for some vehicles on certain tracks is either glitched or they are dispersed differently based on the vehicle you are driving.  

Thoughts HUTCH Team?


  • AsmoAsmo Posts: 84 ✭✭
    Yesterday I noticed my opponent managing to dive through the water at the end of level (I think) 31, completely ignoring the boards on top of the water, who had to trigger his explosion antenna thingy, but didn't. Soooo, are all opponents real people or are some bots included to level the playing field as it were? I would be very interested in how many people are playing atm, since all leagues are always comprised of exactly 15 people, it seems unlikely that this will always be the case, right?
  • rHayZerHayZe Posts: 1
    I have also noticed vehicles continue past when it is obvious they too should be out of gas.
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