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Known Issues for F1 Manager (Updated on 14th May, 2019)

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We hope you've been enjoying F1 Manager!

We are aware some of you may have been experiencing some connectivity issues. We are noticing high demand on our servers and are attempting to resolve the issue as priority. Please bear with us and thanks for your patience and understanding.

The following are the other major issues we are aware of:
  • Races forfeiting you on a good connection - The team are working on finding and fixing the issue, it’s top priority.

  • Purchased special offers sometimes not awarding the purchased content.

  • Purchased bucks sometimes not being given.

    • If you have had either of these happen please contact customer support in-game and they will resolve it for you. We are investigating the cause of the issues.

  • Drivers sometimes do not obey tyre settings changed on tyre selection screen before races.

  • Drivers occasionally cancelling pitstop orders on their own.

  • Occasionally the flag entry fee being taken at the incorrect time, if the player disconnects before reaching the race they lose them.

  • Matchmaking occasionally taking longer than it should to find you a rival player.

  • Some players are reporting unfair matchmaking. We are currently diagnosing any potential issues that are being experienced, so you can expect the system to improve in the coming weeks.

  • Occasional hang on the world map screen.

  • Occasional hang on tyre selection screen.

Recently resolved major issues:

  • Severe lag in races, often making them unplayable - Major improvements done to reduce the lag which are all live. However it will be an ongoing piece of work.

  • Not getting awarded crates, flags, currency etc for winning races - We have a fix for this currently live but are continuing to investigate the issue.

  • Server stability - We have tracked down and fixed several issues which were crashing our servers and thus increasing loads on remaining servers.

  • Seeing players with 40k plus flag counts - this was caused by an issue with Russian/Cyrilic font characters in players names and it breaking their data. Players did not actually have 40k flags and this has been fixed.

  • Race entry fee being taken at the incorrect time - so you would lose the money if you cancel matchmaking at a certain point before being matched.

Other issues:

  • Cars are stuck at Pitstop - This is not really a bug. The reason the pit stops appear slower than usual is due to cars entering and exiting the pit lane, and your car at this point is waiting for a safe exit. We understand this is not perfect at this stage, hence we are looking to improve this for a future update. In the meantime, I would suggest to try and think of a new strategy to the rest of the field and take advantage of a car free pitstop.

We will continue to update as and when new issues are discovered. 
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