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PL8.1 - Club Events

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It’s time for our PL8.1 Club Event update.

We’re rolling out Club Events slowly. Club Events is gated by RQ and Trophies but will lower gradually, as we roll out slowly to increase stability.

PL8.1 is now out on iOS, Android, and Amazon.

Daily Events are taking a new form, Club Events. A PVP mode similar to regular events, but with a twist:

  • Align yourself to any of three Clubs (pick your favourite!): the turbocharged Full Throttle, prestigious Legacy, or technologically elite Midnight. Clubs may be temporarily closed to new members for balance reasons. Everyone plays by the same restrictions, so you can join any Club you like, it doesn't affect your garage or the cars you can play. You can't change your Club after you join one.

  • Battle each week for territory on globally shared map, where every event pits one Club against another.

  • Race in short, quickfire events. While there are lots of events to choose from, you can only be in one place at a time. After that event is over, you can join another.

  • No tickets. Play as much as your garage allows you to every day. Rewards are balanced around this, and you are rewarded at the end of each event and at the end of the season.

  • Earn ClubXP. For now it simply offers great prestige and slightly increases Event and Season rewards as you gain ranks. It’s a new concept that we’re interested in doing more with in the future.

  • Expect Club Events to roll out slowly, by Trophy limit and RQ, over a period of days.

Turn Gold into Cash

  • We’ve introduced a weekly bonus you can purchase for gold which doubles your cash and XP (but not your XP cap) earned from end of Club Event rewards. Like ClubXP, this is the first version of something that may be more extensive in the future.

Challenge Names

  • Players asked for more clarity in Challenge Names, so we’ve done a fully localised pass to improve some of these names.

Instant App

Top Drives now has an Android Instant App, so new players can try the game before downloading.

Other Bugs

We’ve fixed a number of bugs, here are some of the player facing issues now fixed:

  • Improved leaderboards being out of sync between different devices

  • Fixed bug relating to the game hanging when multiple devices are on different app versions

  • Fixed issue with event results screen and leaderboard highlighting

  • Fixed issue with tier rank colours not displaying

  • Event Results/Leaderboard Screen - Highlight colour changed from white to grey

  • Fixed quick filter view of event criteria in Holding Pool

  • Fixed issue where garage filters would not work properly if an odd number of filters were selected

  • Fixed localisation issue for the French Renaissance collection

  • Fixed issue where filter view would not start at the top of the list

  • Fixed issue where Top Drives welcome image wouldn’t show after completing UK2

  • Fixed surface information for Forest River Crossing challenge

  • End of Race times now shows differences accurately when over a minute

  • End of Race times functions correctly when there is a DNF

  • Fixed issue with overlapping scores when winning by over 1000 points

  • Fixed text for a number of different car packs

  • Fixed issue where gold prices would not display in the store

  • Fixed numerous other localisation errors

Car Fixes & Changes

  • 8 Renault images have changed

  • Peugeot 404 Coupe has finished its exchange program and is no longer part of the American Dream collection, but instead is a French Renaissance car.

  • Chrysler Drifter now has no collection tag (it’s a Drifter…)

  • Cadillac STS-V is now a Muscle Car

  • Mercedes-Benz CLS 400 has changed from a Coupe to a Saloon

  • Mercedes-Benz G 55 is no longer a Saloon

We are looking to make performance based fixes to cars in our future updates that include new car content.

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