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Crew Chat Rules

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This week, the first iteration of crews has been launched into Race Kings. Hundreds of Crews have already been created and feedback from you has been fantastic. This sub-forum has been created for the purpose of crew chat, recruitment and feature discussion. Please follow these rules when posting:
- Please limit any recruitment for your crew to one thread. Add (Crew Name) (Recruitment) to the thread title.
- Try to be descriptive as possible about your expectations of crew members. Do you require a certain rank? Do you have expectations on levels of play? Would you prefer a certain location or time zone to maximise crew interaction?
- Avoid negativity or smack talk about other Crews, these threads will be removed. Casual light-hearted banter and discussion is fine, but please don't cross the line into insults.
- Do not post or call out players / crews for suspected hacking or cheating. Send a message directly to the Race Kings admin in-game or here on the forums. We take this stuff seriously, but will not tolerate players being called out.

Finally, any feature requests, suggestions, discussion, please add to the Feature Discussion thread which is stickied in this forum.
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