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Challenge Season 2, Arc 1: October

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Welcome to the first challenges of Season 2!

Beat the qualifier challenge to win a 1966 VW Type 2, not available from packs. This will grant access to the weekend challenge, which will award a Carbon Fiber - and a bonus Ceramic for players with the strongest garages. Details below.

Season 2 Arc 1 October qualifier

Sunday 13th October - Friday 18th October
Win your first 1966 VW Type 2!

Season 2 Arc 1 October Type 2 owners’ challenge

Friday 18th October - Sunday 20th October
1966 VW Type 2 owners can enter this special weekend challenge.

After the initial 1x 1966 VW Type 2 requirement, the weekend challenge will require some cars from a mystery manufacturer. Kioko has a hint for what it is.

Make sure to keep and lock your VW Type 2, and your Austins if you have them, as you’ll need them later in Season 2.

S2A1 October Type 2 owners’ challenge, requirements and prizes:

Zone 1: 1x 1966 VW Type 2, win 8k cash
Zone 2: 1x mystery manufacturer, win a Ceramic pack

Zone 3: ???, win 12k cash
Zone 4: 3x mystery manufacturer, win a Carbon Fiber pack
Zone 5 Bonus expert round 1: ???, win 16k cash
Zone 6 Bonus expert round 2: 4x mystery manufacturer, win a Ceramic

Challenge season recap:

A challenge season consists of 3 arcs, each of which consists of 3 monthly challenges. Season 2 Arc 1 will run over October, November and December 2019. The Challenge Seasons are intended to reward the most committed players of Top Drives! New players can compete for almost all the weekend prizes, but only players that have won qualifier cars for three arcs in a row will be able to win the end-of-arc prize car. If you’re just starting now, you can still qualify for all Season 2 Arc 3 prizes.

Good luck!


Behind the scenes notes

Prizes will build up in each arc. November's will add 10 slots to the weekend challenge prizes, and December's will have the 10 slots and the 2006 Mini Cooper S Works GP prize car.

Katie Edit - Link to YouTube Episode Explaining the Series:

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