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Server Connection Issues - 07th November 2019

Hutch_KatieHutch_Katie Posts: 257 admin
edited November 2019 in The Paddock
Good Morning Managers,

Many of you will have tried logging into the game this morning and last night to find you weren't able to connect to the game.

What was the cause?
The cause was out of our control as it was our Third Party server providers experiencing the issues that subsequently impacted us. The latest update we have from them is as follows:
"Engineers have identified the issue and have rolled out a platform hotfix ...
... We are still seeing a subset of resources that are unhealthy and engineers are working to mitigate these resources."
You are able to check the status of the servers here:
We have seen the game stabilise since writing this post. We will continue to work closely with our Server Providers to prevent downtime in the future.

Will I receive compensation?
We are not offering compensation this time, all players were affected so no advantage was gained by other players because of the outage.

I'm still experiencing issues!
If you are still experiencing issues in the game, please get in touch with our Customer Support team for further help:

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