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Question about augments

I'd like to know what they do. When I equip one, they don't change car PP nor stats. Even their rarity doesn't seem to matter... Is It a hidden buff?


  • Hutch_IanHutch_Ian Posts: 234 Mod
    It's a slightly hidden buff, yes.

    Each of the cars in the game plays slightly differently; they have different stats driving them behind the scenes. Also, each of the races are different with surface types (sand/asphalt etc.) affecting the race. We have a system that tries to determine the relative performance of each car which is what drives the PP number you see.

    Initially we had Augments alter the amount of PP for a car but because they change each car differently we couldn't have a universal value to show when you found an Augment and they were messing with some of the PP locks you see on bosses so we decided to remove the values.

    We may come back to find a way to make augments clearer but suffice to say they do have an impact and the higher the tier the bigger the buff.

    I hope that helps!
  • PolitoPolito Posts: 28
    It does! Thanks!
  • aleoaleo Posts: 13
    I have a tier B Lotus. Is it better to use a generic tier B aug or a Lotus aug but of a lower tier?
  • johns294johns294 Posts: 119 ✭✭✭
    Hmm, dunno enough about how augments affect the overall performance of a car to give a real suggestion. I personally go with highest tier. 
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