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All the necessities you need

MrpiratepeteMrpiratepete Posts: 967 ✭✭✭✭✭

Hi all,
I was just looking for the “tire comparison” chart again and couldn’t find it. Then I thought about how tedious it is to always look up (google) the drop rates or other basic information that roam around the forum but are never saved anywhere. I don’t even think all the packs are listed on the support site respectively named right, but that doesn’t matter.
So I thought maybe we could make a simple thread about all the essential/helpful charts/information we have gathered over the past time. Like for example the drop rates for (Premium) CFs and (Premium) Ceramics, the tire comparison chart and so on.

Maybe we could pin it, so it would stay on the top?

And yeah, I uhm don’t really have any charts to kickstart this thread, so if you kind of like the idea then please go ahead and start posting them.


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