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  • jerome93jerome93 Posts: 3
    Okay. Classic pay to win :smile: it's OK but the different is a little bit to much I think. 
  • daskalosdaskalos Posts: 1
    Iam participate in the tournament and i notice that the points i gather put me in the third place instead of this iam in the fifth place and they past me people with less points then me. Why is that
  • Stewie9955Stewie9955 Posts: 3
    Pay to win, simples! If you don’t pay, you don’t win, bit like real F1 in that respect.
  • Maxbur82Maxbur82 Posts: 5
    Nothing is real. I didn't pay a buck, but still wining. Have 1770 flags and upgrading car's parts and racers to come in level 7 surely. 
  • Addzz82Addzz82 Posts: 12
    It is pay to play simple! or grind your life away for very little gain, race crates are great but you need to win cash to upgrade, once you get to a certain point you can’t win the cash to do the upgrades, try losing 4-5 races In a row at the lowest level And then take advantage of the loosing streak match making system (doesn’t always work like general match making) once you have lost a bunch race in the highest league you can, I find I am more evenly matched! 
    It’s a shame it’s like this because it’s such a good game, I don’t mind spending a few quid here and there but this game kinda takes the P**S
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