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2020 Update

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As we ride the road of 2020, lots of people have been asking for ideas on what our plans are for the next update. Well, I’ll do one better and outline our plans for the next few updates.

We have a small server side and events update later this week.


  • We have reverted to the previous point system in Events. On top of the normal points differences, players will gain only 3 extra points (instead of 6) for an active victory, with no adjustment to losses (up from -3). This returns scoring to how it was before.

  • Club Events Criteria and Track Sets have had some small changes. Some unpopular criteria have been changed (no more 3x SR, 2x Country), many tracksets have been separated into separate categories, while new categories that feature new or newly categorised track-sets have been introduced in Mountain Pass, Scattered Showers, and The Road Less Taken.

  • Currently, event bands jump in difficulty at 70, 100, 120, and 140 RQ. To reduce the spike in competition when players reach these thresholds, starting January 13th, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays’ 48 hour events will run with slightly different RQ bands.

Over the next week or two, we mark the beginning of the Titanium Titans Series, where players will earn certain prize cars to gain access to a groundbreaking event where the top tier awards a… wait, I forgot.

Below are forthcoming client releases. Everything is subject to change. Each update contains bug fixes. Occasional updates will contain car corrections, usually .0 updates.

PL11.0 Renew (a few weeks away)

  • A new mode brings a new chapter of the Campaign featuring a road to winning a prize car. Progress can only be made by first proving your worth in events.
  • Lunar New Year celebrations hit Top Drives with some special events.

PL11.1 Replay (many weeks away)

  • Owners’ Challenges are now possible. Expect Tri Series Replays to return after this.

  • In Club Events, victory in a sector protects it for 10 minutes allowing the winning team to progress on the map without facing an immediate rematch

  • Club Event leaderboard scores cannot drop below zero as a pro-new player and anti-saboteur measure.

PL11.2 Revolution (no estimate)

  • RQ will change from 3-30 to a 10-100 scale. Existing RQ values in the game will be scaled up roughly 3.3x.

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