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New upgrade system: idea

BasilBasil Posts: 372 ✭✭✭
An idea I'm thinking of a long time,>>so shoot your comments or cheer :-).

I don't like events where we all use the same upgraded cars. Events with the same upgraded Raptors or Escorts ... are not very challanging in my opinion.

Therefor I would like to launch a new idea to change the upgrade system.

What about this, I would give some examples to explain what i mean:

- Upgrading will no longer be : use cars of the same rarity or 1 less. It will be on the RQ itself.

Example 1: You have a Bugatti Chiron pulled from a ceramic :-) and you want to upgrade it. There are three catagories to upgrade:
       1) Speed
       2) Tyres
       3) Handling/corners

For each category you can put a card on the stack. There is only 1 restriction. The total of the 3 cards can not be bigger than (let's say) 50 RQ. So you need to think for which use you want to upgrade it.
When you want all on speed on dry wether you can put a S30 card on speed and use a B20 slick card on tyres and no card on Handling.
You are able to upgrade a card at any time as long as you don't go higher than RQ50. So you could begin with upgrade the speed with a D14 and use a F3 slick card and no hanfdling.
Let's say you have this S30-B20-0 and you notice that you should have put some on handling you are able to change that. You can put a D12 card on the stack of the Tyres (you will loose the B20 card, but are able to change your upgrade) and put a E8 card on the stack of handling.
(I hope it is clear what I mean :-) ).
In races ONLY the Speed and Handling will have influence on your result. When you have the same upgrade, the Tyres card is the judge. The type of weather vs the tyres you have will determin who wins. When it is still the same the RQ of the tyre card will be the judge. When they are still the same,... the brand will deside. When the Tyre car is of the same brand as the race card , this will win against a Tyre card that is not. When they are still the same,...then you have an ex aequo.

Advantages for the players:
    - You can start upgrading all the cards with even an F card
    - You can play very tactical with upgrading your best cards with S30 cards ( when you have them and are willing to sacrifice them for your best cards).
    - You can change your upgrade at any time.
    - You don't have to sacrifice fi 3 rarity A cars for 1 rarity S upgrade

Advantage for Hutch:
   - Players will need to use better cards to upgrade lower cars ( 'worst' case S30 for the upgrade of a F3 car :-)).
  - Players can keep on upgrading-changing upgrade which means .

I believe that both will win and it will TD will gain on tactical level.

I hear you ask me 2 questions all ready :-):

1) What about the exisiting cards: Well,... I would propose that devide your upgrade status over the Speed-handling stacks. Example: You have upgraded a car 996 this would mean that that in the new system the speed stack will be (9+9/2)/(9+9+6)*50= 28 and handling will become 22. Now, it would not be fair to new players that all your cars would have this upgrade so it has to be linked to the Rarity and have a downscale> I would suggest the following:
   Rarity S : Keep it , so for the example it would become 28-0-22
   Rarity A : (-4) = 24-0-18
   Rarity B : (-8) = 20-0-14
   Rarity C : (-12) = 16-0-10
   Rarity D : (-16) = 12-0-6
   Rarity E : (-20) = 8-0-2
   Rarity F : (-24) = 4-0-0

2) Would this new system not benifit the Whales ? I'm not sure. I'm a guy who believes that when Whales will use S30 cards to upgrade all their cars , they need to use A LOT of money (even more than now I would guess). So, they can have their wins for my part. I think that it would become more tactical so f2p players can put their precious big food cards on specific cards.

Now shoot or improve my idea :-)


  • REALAISREALAIS Posts: 910 ✭✭✭✭
    So we have very easy to understand upgrade system. Everyone uses same maxed cars. "Its problem".
    Lets have some very difficult system in which Basil will have advantage because he only one understands from day 1. But later all have found best tune system and we are back that everyone is using same cars in same tunes but it takes new players hours to understand what is going on.

  • Blue2moroBlue2moro Posts: 2,207 ✭✭✭✭✭
    You've put a lot of effort in there fella. I can't agree with it though. Very complicated and would turn casuals away from the game.
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