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Upgrade Limits and Requirements

Hi All,

As playing the game and learning what is what, I am having more questions. Maybe admins might think to add the following to a sticky Q&A's? Of course if the answers are provided by one of you. :)

1. Upgrade Limits:

Common items can be ugraded to max Level 10.

Rare's to Level 8.

Epic's to Level ?


2. Upgrade Requirements:

To upgrade an item to Level 2, we need 4 "tokens".

Level 3 requires and additional 10.

Level 4 another 20.

Level 5 another 50.

Level 6 another 100.

Level 7 another 200.

Level 8 another 400.

Level 9 another 1000.

Level 10 another ?


Thanks in advance.

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