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PL11.1 Replay Update Plan

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Hi all, below are the Pre-pre patch notes from Robin for PL11.1. We will publish final Patch Notes once PL11.1 is ready to confirm what will be in the update.

From Robin:

Our plan to resolve the issues encountered is as follows. Based on the known issues prior to release and some reported issues, we’re looking at fixing the following issues:

  • Slick tyre over performance on off-road surfaces

  • Reverting the 60 FPS resolver to 30 FPS.

    • While we think this a definite upgrade as it increases granularity, reduces ties, and fixes some other residual issues, it might be too much at once, so I’m proposing we revert and then revisit this when we do some other wide-ranging engine improvements previously identified, which ideally we would want to pair with a temporary retuning feature

  • Fixing intermittent issues with filters not showing cars properly

  • Some non-reported but identified crashes we’re seeing

  • Server errors relating to watching ads for upgrades

  • In game panels and objects inconsistently missing their images

  • Inconsistent reports of hand loading for all events, not per event

  • Stretched images in the Yellowbird Championship

This is in addition to other bug fixes and the ‘known at launch’ issues below, that we also would like to fix.

Known issues

  • Some compression hit our boot screen image, we will uncompress as soon as we can

  • Filters don’t persist after leaving the match screen on a Championship match. We’d like to improve this.

  • Filtering can leave you at the far right of a garage looking at empty spaces.

As previously communicated, the following features are set to be in the PL11.1 release.

  • Owners’ Challenges are now possible. Expect Tri-Series Replays to return after this.

  • In Club Events, victory in a sector protects it for 10 minutes allowing the winning team to progress on the map without facing an immediate rematch

  • Club Event leaderboard scores cannot drop below zero as a pro-new player and anti-saboteur measure.

We are monitoring our bug threads. As and when new bugs are reported, they are triaged and some may also be included and knock others out of the update, while some may not make it in, all depending on severity and ease of fix. Of course, not all bug fixes will make it into the next release, we’re prioritising those that affect the players’ experience the most. The timing for the release is ASAP - depending on when the above bugs are fixed and tested, though it may take at least a week before submission.

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