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List of suggestions

BrainBeatBrainBeat Posts: 5
Some or all of this may have been said before but wanted to give my suggestion in one place. I hope the developers are already hard a work with a major update to this game too so there is a good chance it is too late.

Offline races - racing against others is good and all but sometimes your internet connection is not great so it would be nice to sometimes just race against bots.

Non AI races - instead of just 2 people versus a field of AI drivers it might be nice to have a humans only race of maybe 11-12 people.

Give prizes based on performance instead of just the head to head performance - no one likes going in to a race where instead of making progress by making money will go backwards because you didn't beat your opponent. Sure there should be entry costs to keep the economy right and maybe even some repair costs too but. Risking all your money on a race is not fun when you lose.

Remove loot boxes - loot boxes are not great and I thought are now illegal in some regions so there has to be a better way.

One option is have R&D where you invest in new parts development that may or may not be better possibly based on other thing like personnel. 
Train your drivers etc in the same way that in general they will improve but can sometimes go backwards when they lose confidence or don't do exercise. Potentially this could solve the issue where those who have effectively completed the game by making it harder to get your car and driver to its maximum possible.

Whole seasons - instead of prizes based on one race have a minimum of 3 races.

Possibly introduce sponsors - these may give you rewards on top of your race rewards based on your performance

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