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Games similar to Top Drives

Hey everyone,

I've really been enjoying top drives so far and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on similar games. I like racing games but I doesn't have to be that. 

I enjoy the fact that it's racing but I don't actually have to race the car myself. The simulation aspect is very intriguing and I like the upgrade system. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'll still be playing Top Drives, just looking for some other good games as well! 


  • nipan_TopDrivesnipan_TopDrives Posts: 246 ✭✭✭
    i really like this game.. but i can't continue as i made a big mistake as my rq is 108 but my best set adds up to only 90. got stuck... no cash no gold no good car... so thinking about quitting this game.. and looking for some similar other game..
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