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PL11.1 Patch Notes

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Hi All,

The latest update is going to be rolling out to devices from this afternoon. Please allow time for the update to reach your device - this is not controlled by Hutch, but you will have the update from today.
  • Club Event leaderboard scores cannot drop below zero as a pro-new player and anti-saboteur measure (this was released in a server related update on Monday 10th)
  • Owners’ Challenges are now possible. Expect Tri-Series Replays to return after this. Let us know which prize cars you’d like to see return first!
  • In Club Events, victory in a sector protects it for 10 minutes allowing the winning team to progress on the map without facing an immediate rematch. This should reduce the number of events that start and then are immediately cut off, resulting in lots of lopsided events. Also, on that screen you’ll see an animation play for the winning Club. This will be introduced around a day after launch of the update, once everyone is on the same version.
  • Players requested easier purchasing of multiple Ceramic packs for cash - so 5x and 10x Ceramic. This is now possible in the store.
We run a race simulation for each release to calculate all the possible match times, and in PL11 we increased the detail of this simulation from 30 to 60 FPS. After determining that this was not responsible for any issues in PL11, we are keeping the increased granularity, resulting in more precise times, fewer tied races, and fewer instances of lesser upgraded cars beating their more upgraded counterparts.

Bug Fixes
  • Slick tyre vehicles had too much traction on off-road inclines meaning implausible cars could complete off-road Hill Climbs on snow and mud. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where two Yellowbird Championship areas (California, USA; Rhineland, Germany) would lead to crashes on the client
  • Fixed an issue where challenge panels, pack images, and car images were missing
  • Fixed an issue where the Clubs VS symbol would still be present after the event had ended
  • The boot screen is now higher resolution and nicer looking
  • Entering the Club Events screen no longer defaults to the bottom-right hand corner of the map area
  • Championship area images have been unsquashed
  • Fixed an issue where filters wouldn’t display all the cars owned if the player had no remaining slots
  • Fixed an issue where filtering would maintain your scrolled position, even if there were no cars there. Filtering now resets your garage view to the left-hand side as it did before.
  • Introduced text scaling on Event panels to ensure long event names can properly display

Car Corrections
Additionally, 138 car corrections to existing models have been made to further improve the authenticity of cars within Top Drives.

Full details here

Some RQ / Rarity Changes have been made, mainly due to the above corrections, those are detailed here.

Discussion thread here.

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