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11.10.01 HotFix Patch Notes

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Good Afternoon All,

Some players with the PL11.1 update experienced issues with receiving their prizes from events ending yesterday and Offer Packs costing double.
We resolved the two issues with a server update earlier today, but have also submitted a Client Side HotFix too, to permanently resolve the issue with Offer Packs.
As we are confident that there are no live issues in the game, offers and prize giving is working, we have applied the forced update this afternoon to bring all players up to PL11.1.

We won't be delaying the Tri-Series Finals event as we are sure the event will run smoothly. As an additional gesture of good will, we have added two bonus events to make up for any lost prizes.

Update from Hutch Robin here:
The problems identified now have a server fix rolled out, with a client patch to follow asap. There is no evidence of any outstanding issues that would affect offers or events today. I'll run a couple of open bonus events today (finishing at different times) which will offer the usual packs, gold, and cash, and also Renown. 

Apologies for the issues today. The team worked diligently to identify issues within an hour this morning, then rolled out temporary server fixes and prepped, tested and submitted a new client build this afternoon. Hopefully affected players just had delayed prizes at worst, but if there is a Daily Event pack that got lost, hopefully the two new bonus events will put you firmly in the black and allow you to make some Championships progress as a silver lining.

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