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Losing motivation to play MP

I was very active my first few days playing (right after global launch). That propelled me up to over 4000 trophies in relatively short order. Now, I am extremely hesitant to play multiplayer. Even against similar strength decks I will gain 4-6 trophies for a win and lose 20+ for a loss. 

One of the U.K. events I'm in I'm 43-13 and currently down 10 trophies. I can't risk playing to improve my rank because if I win I'll gain a single spot but if I lose, I'll drop about 15. Considering MP is the only thing this game has after a short single player campaign, the rewards or match-making algorithm needs to be tuned or else I see myself and many others deleting the game after a short time. 

I feel like I'm being penalized for actively playing (getting a high trophy score). I haven't made any progress as a result of MP after those first few days and that's scary since MP will soon be all I have left in this game. 


  • Hutch_IanHutch_Ian Posts: 234 Mod
    We're doing a change to Events scoring shortly that will reduce these win-loss differences.
  • Same here, what I do is I always sacrifice one of the events and loose 100-300 trophies ans fully concentrate on the others. Its pointless to gain points in MP for the exact reason you mentioned
  • Tap_GearTap_Gear Posts: 182 ✭✭✭
    100% agrree. If you have 4500+ trophy, the multiplayer mode point sucks. You can get minus point even you have a winning record.
    This is unfair in the special event which give you a special car prize.

    Some suggestion for the point method...
    You reward a point base on the car we use. If we use a lower grade car but won, we will get big point. The lower the grade the bigger the point. Vice versa for the minus. So every race resulting different point.
    So let say there is a new lucky rich player coming, have 5 S type cars and 2500 trophy, in old method if he win he will get lots of point and if i win i will get little bit of point even though it is very hard to beat him with his 5 S type car. If we give point base on cars we used, i can get big point if i can beat him with my A type cars.
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