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Only Wood League

ehulanderehulander Posts: 2
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I was in the platinum league. I think I got second place there. And now, at least the last four weeks, I’ve been in the wood league. First place, second place, doesn’t matter. 

Once I was the only person in the league, and when it was all over, I got second place. I was by myself in the league for a whole week. And still got second place.

As of this morning, I am again the only person in the league.

This has been happening for a month, at least, and I think I might be done playing. Doesn’t much seem worth it anymore. 
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  • KojotheKojothe Posts: 2
    Same here, I have been stuck at wooden league for couple of weeks. I created a new profile on another device and there it seems to work normal. Looks like there are several leagues of each because I did not see myself on the wooden league even though I was there at the same time. using 2 different phones.
  • ignatychignatych Posts: 3
    Same problem.
  • migrmigr Posts: 8
    edited April 2020
    Same problem here. I used to be in diamond league and get first with 12,000 diamonds more often than not. Now I’m back in wood league for weeks with either just myself or at best 1-2 other players. First place is awarded almost no diamonds. What gives? What happened to the arena? It was the only thing left worth playing after finishing all the levels, and now that’s been taken away?

    this might be a hint that it’s good time to delete the app. 
  • migrmigr Posts: 8
    A year later and this bug still hasn’t been fixed. Wood league is the only league and there’s 9 times out of 10 only yourself to race against. There’s 10 other slots but I haven’t seen them filled in a year. Nice to see that the dev not only didn’t fix the issue, but didn’t even bother responding to the issue in their own forum. 
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