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The F1 Manager Community is Moving Home!

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As many of you may be aware, we’ve launched a F1 Manager Discord Server. We’ve seen a massive uptake in players using Discord and a drop in players using web forums since we added in the link.
It’s been great to see so many players embracing Discord, and as a result we’ve decided to close the web forums for F1 Manager.

We want to be able to interact with you as much as possible, and we can best do this in one place, rather than across multiple chat platforms. Forum users won’t be able to create new posts from the date above.

If you haven’t already joined our Discord – please do! You’ll find members of the F1 Manager team actively participating in the Discord channel, so they can help answer your questions and listen to your ideas. If you need Customer Support, Luna and the team are on hand to help you.
You can message them from your game or from the web. If you want to share your content and ideas with us, you can do so on Discord or from Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And… we have competitions and AMAs planned… lots to look forward to, so we hope to see you there soon!

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