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Game mechanics question

Hey sorry for the long post but the section on qualifying laps on the FAQ was quite vage and sorry for any English errors, not a native spraker.

So when u say that every stat is considered for qualifying lap does that mean that pit stop makes a difference? And how does it affect it? Is it 1 less second less of pit stop 1 second less on the lap (that doesn't make much sense to be 1 to 1 correlation)? What's the correlation?

And how about reliability, does it affect the lap time? And how does it affect? And does it affect have the same affect on the race?

And you said that consistency help with the consistency of the driver, but how does it affect it? Does does the consistency just lowers the others values or can it boost too. For example a driver with perfect consistency (it doesn't exist), so a driver with infinite value of consistency and zero variation on the lap time, can it get beat by a driver with the exact same other stats and lower consistency, does the infite consistency always win because he is always on top shape or does the lower consistency win 50% of the time because consistency is just variation of the performance some time the driver does really good and others he blows?

Does consistency work the same way in the real race? Is it set for the whole race or does the driver condition change mid race?

And does wet weather ability influence on the lap time when it's dry? Or it affects only when it rains? If so, not every stat contribute to qualifying lap, because there are series that never rain?

One last question, does tyres degrading affect lap time, for example a 100% is faster than a 50% tyre, similar to what would happen on a real car, or is it everything the same until it hits 0%?
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