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PL11.2 RQ Revolution

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Good Afternoon All!

We hope you are all well and staying safe during these unusual times.

Our PL11.2 update is very close and I'm able to bring you all the details of what you can expect in the update! As many of you are aware from watching the Top Drives Show and from reading Robin's forum posts, we have been planning the RQ rescale for a long time.

RQ Rescaling
Players requested a greater RQ range to allow better differentiation of different cars in Top Drives, so we looked at different options before settling on an ‘up to 100’ RQ system. Additionally, we constructed the range of each rarity tier to allow for greater differentiation in the higher rarity tiers, where it is more useful to have more RQ values.

Previously RQ of cars ranged from 3-30, now it ranges from 10-100. Most cars follow these typical RQ ranges:

  • 10-19 Common/F
  • 20-29 Uncommon/E
  • 30-39 Rare/D
  • 40-49 Super Rare/C
  • 50-64 Ultra Rare/B
  • 65-79 Epic/A
  • 80-100 Legendary/S

As RQ values for cards are increasing, player RQ and event restrictions will also increase. Players do not need to do anything except update their game, as we will migrate the data automatically. New players now begin at 100 RQ, 150 RQ players will find themselves with a cool 500 RQ. Some newer users may find a previously unlocked feature briefly locked until they gain a level or two.

RQ is now awarded in batches of 5 RQ with each ‘level up’.

Hand Selection Improvements
When selecting a hand for any race, the RQ you have available to spend will be shown split across all card slots for your hand, letting players know the average RQ available to utilise for each card.  As you place a card in your hand, the RQ values will recalculate, reflecting the RQ cost of the car you placed into your hand.

In-App Purchase Offers
Unusually, Top Drives has been unable to offer packs as an in-app purchase, or allow in-app purchases outside of the fixed prices in the store, until now. With this update, we will be able to offer new offers as IAPs, allowing us to offer additional value to players.

Silver Screen
Removed Year of the Rat (so sad to see you go) and welcome a new temporary, curated collection called Silver Screen, featuring cars featured in TV and Film. This replaces Year of the Rat on the filter screen.

Other Changes & Fixes

  • IAPs have been removed from Amazon, as part of the sunsetting process

  • Players can now sign in via Apple sign in

  • Fiat card packs now show Fiats

  • The Street Racer Carbon Fiber pack and event panel now show Street Racers

  • Packs that award 4WD cars now use this terminology

  • Fixed the majority of causes of cars appearing invisible when claiming prize packs

  • Fixed text being cut off on the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S

  • Fixed an issue where stat hints were not showing for challenges on the Cotswolds environment

  • Fixed an issue where players with zero trophies who return to events would see a pack reward at the same time as the Events tutorial

  • Fixed an issue where Aston Martin logo was slightly cut off on the Collection screen

  • Fixed an issue where missing a ‘watch an ad’ upgrade sometimes caused a server error when the player was prompted to select a card from the prize board

  • Fixed a clipping issue when displaying the player’s new RQ when levelling up

  • Fixed France and Italy area names being mixed up in the Yellowbird Championship

  • Improved legibility of car stats for cars with white backgrounds in the main match screen where you can view your opponent’s cars

  • Fixed a visual issue where the back arrow would be invisible when you visit the Gold store from any prize board screen

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling through the fuse materials list on the fusing screen would first not show car images and then not show any cards at all.

RQ Changes:
There is a very long list of cars, so I won't paste them all in the forum post. Instead, you can review the old to new RQ changes here:
Car data is listed in order of its current RQ,  so you can see what the RQ will be after you have updated to PL11.2.

Rarity Changes:
We have a short list of rarity changes for you this update and the majority won't impact your current decks as no one has these cars yet.

Chevrolet COPO Camaro (2012) (unawarded prize car)Ultra Rare (B)
Epic (A) *
BMW M1 Procar Group 4 (1979) (unawarded prize car)Epic (A)Legendary (S)
BMW M3 GTR (2001) (unawarded prize car)Epic (A)Legendary (S)
Volkswagen W12 Syncro (1997)*Epic (A)Legendary (S)

RQ Revolution Tips!
If you are looking for some RQ Revolution Tips, we filmed a Top Drives Show episode for these earlier this year. So, don't worry about the lack of social distancing in the video it didn't exist when we filmed!

Please join in the discussion about the update here.

* This Rarity Change has been corrected as it was mistakenly written that the COPO (2012) was becoming Legendary when it is in fact becoming Epic.
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