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Vehicle Testing: Time Comparison Thread (City: Level 1)

Hello and welcome to the 1st thread that is based on testing the vehicles we currently have in MMX Hill Climb and comparing the best lap times possible with each vehicle (and even their variants) on the game's first track - "City: Level 1". Oh, and feel free to read the disclaimer for more at the bottom of this comment, about the rules of this thread.

The best way to properly test any vehicle (including their variations fully upgraded) is to drive as best as you can throughout the track and do it at least 5 times and record them onto a drawn table, then once you have done what you can do the best times you can physically do in-terms of lap time, then the quickest time you got will be the time for that vehicle on that track.

The vehicle I will be testing will be all of the variations of The Muscle (or the Molten Muscle as that is what I prefer to call them by even though they have been in the previous game) which are the S, GT & SX versions. People can test other vehicles if they are up for it. I will allow another person to test the same vehicle as I will be testing later tomorrow.

Disclaimer: "Please do not boast about your time and please no troll times as that is not needed in this thread. This is only used for testing vehicles on "City: Level 1" only and comparing the best lap time possible with each vehicle (and including their variations) so we can make a verdict as to which vehicle (or variant specifically) is best overall."


  • TheButtKickerUKTheButtKickerUK Posts: 56
    edited June 2016
    Okay, so after a couple of runs with the Molten Muscle (S version only because I didn't have enough time and money to do the other variants), and my best time I could achieve with the normal variant was 1:13.91. It was fully upgraded too, so not too shabby for a car such as this. It will take quite a while to fully upgrade the GT version and test that out and then unlock, purchase and upgrade the powerful SX version of the Molten Muscle. If Hutch Games are kind enough to give out cash to me so I can get the testing done as soon as possible, because right now I am very low on money and it takes quite a while to get the money to upgrade these vehicles.
  • Sossman11Sossman11 Posts: 1
    I can't get passed the desert level 4. What vehicle do I use and what do the upgrades need to be at. Plz help me.:-) 
  • TheButtKickerUKTheButtKickerUK Posts: 56
    edited July 2016
    Sossman11 said:
    I can't get passed the desert level 4. What vehicle do I use and what do the upgrades need to be at. Plz help me.:-) 

    I used the Muscle. Level 10 maxed out. I keep the front up to get a small boost of speed but make sure you don't catch the rear on climbs otherwise you'll lose speed. I got 1:32.65 with the normal variant but I got a 1:28.82 as my best with the SX1 variant. 
    If you want, add my friend code. it's 984BCQE9 and you can learn and watch my time, that way you can pass the level easy
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