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Can’t end and collect rewards on Highway2wealth

JohJoh Posts: 1
I can’t end and collect rewards on Highway2wealth like half of the times. Not only do I loose everything I win, I also loose all diamonds I have spent on the bombs! How to get everything back? No point of continue playing anymore when I just looses diamonds every time. Today 12700, and lost count of other times.

When I get a bomb, pays for it to continue. Then I choose Leave to collect my things, but after that you get in a loop and can never quit. It just wants you to start with ”Lets go” again and again. Every time you continue at the level you stopped, you cant leave and no matter what cards you choose you always have a bomb. Since there is no way out I close the game (iOS iPad) to restart. Then when I come back I can play as normal but higway2wealth is locked until next day and I did nog get any prizes/rewards, and my diamonds I spend are gone.


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