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SinguSingu Posts: 71 ✭✭
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How do you guys farm? Someone talked about his farmhand. For what do you use this? Thank you

26 Days after I downloaded the game:

I won a carbon fiber in the Chevrolet event😊

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  • GaborBartalGaborBartal Posts: 38 ✭✭
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    As there have been no replies

    Farming in its simplest is to not strive for high final place in an event but to beat as many players as possible, possibly by 3 stars to get 3 cards to turn. But obviously when you beat someone you get higher up in rank, facing tougher opponents, getting less than 3 cards or none if you lose. So commonly some people use their 5 tickets by trying their best to win the first 4 rounds, then deliberately placing a shitty hand in 5th and lose it.

    That bad hand will be what other players see in your absence (while you wait the 5x25 mins to get back to the game), other will keep beating you, you will come back to the game lower rank, so you can repeat: more easily beat others 4 times, then force yourself to sink down again.

    Farming is preferred because the game only really rewards you for top 10 positions usually, which is hard to obtain so often it's a helpless fight for barely any gain (you'd lose some, win some by 1 star, barely any reward all day, then a mediocre reward as a final place)


  • RazorBladesRazorBlades Posts: 2
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    I farm mainly on the daily event, and Thursday/Friday on the weekly challenge.

    On the daily event I use my worst uncommon cars as soon as the new daily starts, witch is 10pm for me. By doing so I usually I'm at rank 100, with alot of minus points, and most of the times a couple of other players that did the same. From that point on forward I throw in my high RQ cars, or only shift to Rares and Super Rares to start collecting 25 cards every 2½ hours. This way you can generate cash very quickly.

    The hardest thing is not to spend cash again on upgrading other cars, when you want to save a lot of cash, so you can buy 10x Ceramic packs for example  ;)

    By using this strategy  you also farm gold of course. I do try to aim for high places in the other events for the gold rewards. My record on gold farming is about 3k gold in about 4-5 weeks, which is very decent if you ask me. This makes the game very playable if you don't want to spend money, despite the people that are "complaining" that this is a "pay to win" game. You can still have a lot of fun, without paying. 

    As for the weekly challenge I start farming when I have one race to go. Getting the 2 star farm hand usually is easy due to the input of other players that share their farm hands. You only have to watch out that you have 2 tickets left on finishing the challenge short for the end. It gives you room for 1 error. 
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