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Known Issues as of 12th May, 2016

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Known Issues as of 12th May, 2016


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    Known Issues 12th May, 2016

    The start lights don’t work

    1) The start lights don’t light up and you get kicked back to the garage.
    2) The start lights don’t light up and the race starts but the start lights remain on the screen.

    Solution: You should be able to restart another race, or finish the current race.

    Fix status: In Progress

    The Game Freezes
    1) You get stuck in the pre-race start screen (Versus Screen).

    2) You get stuck in the pre-race start screen (Versus Screen) after agreeing a rematch.

    3) You get stuck after the end of the race on the blurry screen.

    Solution: Curse loudly, exit the game and restart game.

    Fix status: In Progress


    1) Initially shows as zero gold and zero cash. If clicked will update and bill you the full gold or cash amount.

    Solution: Hopefully the servicing was due. If not, shed some salty tears and get back into another race to earn more cash.

    Fix status: In progress. Complex and tied to a lot of other changes.

    2) Full servicing required in 0 laps

    Sometimes your car may require a servicing in order to race again. It might be that you have spent all of your cash on upgrades and do not have enough to service the vehicle. This is currently a blocker to further play.

    Solution: If the amount you need to service the vehicle is small, it might be worth waiting for an hourly bronze gacha key and winning some cash to perform the upgrade. If the amount required is more significant, please contact support here

    Fix status: In progress

    Sound Missing

    1) Sometimes in network races the sound is missing.
    2) Sometimes the sound is missing in the first time player run-through.

    Solution: Recruit family member to stand beside you and make suitable growling engine noises

    Fix status: In progress

    Opponent skill level
    On some tracks you might be getting matched with opponents that are way too hard, or way too easy.

    Solution: At the moment, your skill rating is being determined across all tracks. If you race the easy tracks (like Trainyard Oval) a lot, it will skew your skill rating so that other tougher tracks like (Trainyard T Track) to be a lot harder.
    Try racing a solid mix of tracks to get a balanced skill rating.

    Fix progress: Complex and tied to a lot of other factors. Worth starting some discussion around this balance feature.

    Gacha Keys

    1) Your Gacha bronze and silver keys are missing.

    Solution: You still have the keys but they are hiding, restart the game and they should magically reappear

    Fix Status: In progress.

    2) The Bank Boxes send me some strange messages

    Solution: Make sure you don't tap the Bank Box screen too quickly or too many times. That bank Vault is surprisingly fragile and easily annoyed.
    Fix Status: Partially fixed, we've removed some of the boxes that were triggering error messages

    Photo Mode

    1) The camera button doesn’t seem to work even if I press it a lot.

    Solution: It does work but doesn’t offer any indication that it works. Go and delete the 47 photos you just took.

    Fix status: Lower priority but will be fixed.

    Button Problems

    1) The “Next” button and "Back" are missing after a race

    Solution: Network connection related, please restart the game.

    Fix Status: In progress.

    2) The rewards button has no text!

    Solution: Press it anyway, what's the worst that could happen?

    Fix Status: Fixed and scheduled for next release.

    Network Game Issues

    1) Game Crashes if opponent quits during matchmaking

    Solution: Able to rematch with new opponent. Hopefully the last one was not a grudge match.

    Fix Status: In progress.
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    Thanks for the positive comments Don
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    No Pro Packs right now Lostintime.
    The feature is in there but not enabled.
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    The beta has been a fantastic chance to get a lot of very valuable feedback on the game and many more players putting all aspects to the test. A number of new bugs have been discovered, varying in severity.

    Hutch_Ben and Hutch_Joe can probably go into a lot more depth here, as part of their expertise lies in prioritising these bugs and determining what needs to be fixed and when.

    I managed to get a lot of races done in Beta 1 so encountered quite a lot of them. Nice to see the back of some!
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    @DaPapa1967 This seems like a strange one, are you crashing before going back to the main hub or just not seeing the race winnings appearing on your balance?
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