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CURRENT Recommended Topics - Please Read

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Hi guys,
I want to pull together a single, living page that will be updated with current topics that new players can access and find answers to the majority of relevant questions. Please help out by linking to the best forum resources and they will be added to this list.

Couple of points:
It will not include current bugs and known issues, which will be documented and logged here
Incorrect car stats are best posted here

Below are Current Recommended Topics:

Discussion from Hutch_Tim about resetting your account:

How to save your current hand:

Cash cards at RQ125:

Lighter weight= Less Traction:

Car performance spreadsheet:

Event cars (unobtainable through packs):

Maxed out car thread:

Changes to the Italy BMW M3 Reward car:

Winter 2017 Release Discussion:

How to change your game avatar:

Best way to upgrade the Lotus Elise Sport 135

What are slick tires?
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