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Sincere thought.

MSteeLMSteeL Posts: 1,045 ✭✭✭✭✭
So guys at Hutch. You have time to ruin gaming experience, have time to suck our wallets and make every major event unplayable even for mediocre sprenders with 200 CF's offered every event, you have time to release new cars every 2 months to increase your pack sales.

But you dont have time to correct the cars we have been searching corrections for you a year ago, dont have time to fix some major engine problems with traction, weight and low 0-60 acceleration time, dont have time to explain what your long term players have been asking lately.

And most of all, with the sh** tons of money you get from this stupid offer rampage you cant give us a reliable server that wont crash when 2 people try to start an event at the same time.
It happened again tonight, a freaking spinning circle in crucial moment. Im forious for the seeming lack of respect you have for your loyal customers. I have been quiet for a long time when you started ruining the game but this is it, I regret every cent I put in this game.

Hands up for Tim and support though, but they are all that credit can be given to.

Have fun


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