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How do I get rid of my Facebook sign on.

Hey Guys 
last night I signed in to F1 manager with my wife’s Facebook cause I don’t use social media and now it shows her as my face in the game. I don’t want to see it as my face for racing so I want to know how to sign back out of the game without my wife’s Facebook logged in. I haven’t raced a game since this started. So if I can’t I’ll have to delete the game. Any help or advice is appreciated 


  • Almost the same issue here. Any way to "remove" the Facebook login?
  • uscstayloruscstaylor Posts: 2
    I wish someone will help me. I don’t want to use my wife’s Facebook login, how do I sign out of it
  • FalconMystFalconMyst Posts: 1
    I would like to use a different account  ...  I was hoping to start fresh and every time I sign in from a different device I get signed in from the one I use on my phone which I don't want to use
  • Best advice I can give (which is what I did myself): delete the game, log in to you Facebook, go to the privacy settings and delete/remove this app from the list of authorized 3rd party apps, then go to the App Store and download literally any other game. 

    This game won't allow you to advance without paying (way more than any other Freemium game), the content is the same tracks over, and over, with the odd event. You'll spend the most of the game trying to obtain drivers and car parts, just to get to race the same tracks and get more drivers and car parts. There is no endgame, since the beginning of the game and the endgame content are EXACTLY the same. 

    Great idea for a game; TERRIBLE execution. 
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