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Broken Asset System

As perhaps many of you are aware, the asset system is a hot mess. Even when something reaches max level, it can still receive additional boosts. Thus, redundant, and a waste of a resource on a crate. This happens to me a lot now since basically all of my common assets are at the maximum level, and yet I continue to receive enumerate supplementary boosts to said assets. Again. Redundant.

So I have asked this several times. I know the team is working on something, but, I would like a time frame. For real. Gimme something. I need a reason to keep playing, because the amount of time and money I waste on crates with zero value is ridiculous.


  • I would like the ability to discard crates I don't want or sell cards I don't want, and to be less likely to receive cards for something that's at max level.

    By the way, what *is* the max level, and how many cards does it take?
  • BobHoskinsBobHoskins Posts: 8
    I like the idea of being able to sell or trade cards/crates. I'd also like a greater opportunity to receive platinum and legendary crates, because they seem impossible to get, and then I finally do, they're still rubbish!

    As of right now, max level is 10. Not sure if that's subject to change. As far as the number of cards it takes, about 3,300. If memory serves.
  • MajorJeffMajorJeff Posts: 184 ✭✭✭
    Agreed. Resource crates are wonky.  By the time you max a Rare low level part, you wouldn't dare run it on your car.
    Its like taking a card in Poker. Sometimes you need it, sometimes you don't. Except in this case, Hutch is the worst card dealer ever.  
  • BobHoskinsBobHoskins Posts: 8
    "Except in this case, Hutch is the worst card dealer ever."
    Concur. Thank you.

    Also, does anyone know if the moderators/developers actually look at these comments at all? I mean, if we the consumers make suggestions that fall on deaf ears, it all seems rather redundant.

    Alas, the simplest solution would be to up and quit. Unfortunately I've invested too much time and money, and I do see potential in this game. I'm just waiting for it attain that milestone. 
  • jsantorejsantore Posts: 4
    I found that GP event crates duplicate parts.  Got a crate with Smoothie... and then Smoothie again.  (And then Torq, and Torq again)
  • rich_jamesrich_james Posts: 13

    BobHoskins said:
    "Also, does anyone know if the moderators/developers actually look at these comments at all?”

    Pretty sure they do but there doesn’t seem to be much posting unless it’s about official events. Total speculation on my part though. 
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