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how to stop pit stop stacking


  • MajorJeffMajorJeff Posts: 184 ✭✭✭
    Short answer - Mix driver Tyre management ability and use their talent to stretch an extra lap out of your rubber! This allows you to stagger pit stops and minimize 'stacking'
  • If two drivers need to pit on the same lap, you can try telling the one in front to Push (drive quickly) and the one behind to Conserve (drive slowly). It won't always work, but sometimes it makes just enough of a difference to prevent stacking.

    To give you an example... my strategy in the 8 lap Sunny Side races, using Carlos Sainz (Level 5, Tyre Management 18) and Lando Norris (Level 8, Tyre Management 90), is as follows:
    - Sainz: Soft tyres, 2-2 laps. Hard tyres, 3-4 laps.
    Start on Softs. Push for 2 laps. Pit for Hards. Conserve for 2 laps and Neutral for 2 laps. Pit for Softs. Push for final 2 laps. (If your car has an average pit time of 4 seconds, then feel free to replace Hard tyres with Soft tyres and an extra pit stop.)
    - Norris: Soft tyres, 2-3 laps. Hard tyres, 4-6 laps.
    Start on Softs. Neutral for 3 laps. Pit for Softs. Push for 2 laps. Pit for Softs. Neutral for last 3 laps.

    With this strategy, my drivers never use the pit lane at the same time.

    Now if the driver in front has a breakdown? You've got a different problem altogether...

    Really, the best advice is to practice and to keep trying new things until you get something that works. Sunny Side is good for practice because the weather conditions are always the same.
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