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Plz someone HELP! Gonna stop playing cause i cant understand

DeezDeez Posts: 2
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Geez, I cant win a race at all!!!  Im upgrading everything they offer and have spent $10 but wtf?? I have tried every strategy with the tires but no luck..
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  • DeezDeez Posts: 2
    Plz someone help me
  • MajorJeffMajorJeff Posts: 184 ✭✭✭
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    Remember that each car that finishes a race gets points.

    The higher your position on the leaderboard, the more points you will get at the end of the race.

    The aim is to get more points than your two rival cars.

    Whether you win or lose a race, your final race points will always be added to the Race Crate bar in the home menu.

    When you have 100 race points you will receive a Race Crate.

    The more crates you can earn (of any type) the quicker you can develop your team!
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