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Can’t win anymore

I used to won 7/10 on ten race since 2-3 week and upgraded ton contender 1 easily. 

Then, I switch contender 2 and win 2 times on 17 race. I changed nothing on my car except upgrade the level of the engine. I change 1 pilot for the last 5 run and nothing happen there. ( Grosjean and Kvyatt and now Grosjean and Norris)

I fall from $42 000 000 to $16 000 000 and from 1770 flag to 1530. 

I’ve been matched every time with someone who got is pilot on 4th and 8th position at start, and mine at 14th and 19th ( exemple). If got 1 pilot in front of my opposant pilot, he get every time been pass on the start. 

Before I lose the rest of my money, something I miss there? Something to do with my level? 


  • MajorJeffMajorJeff Posts: 184 ✭✭✭

    As you advance into higher divisions, basic racing strategies will not advance you to the 'next level'.

    Pay attention to your team as a whole.

    Race Start:

    End of first stint:

    The aim is to get more points than your two rival cars.
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