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Score system on events is very unfair (IMHO)

I spent 10 tickets, some ones to get 30 or 40 points, got around 300 and next time i check the list i have -5 points oh well... very frustrating, if people with cars with 4 stars play agains me with a car with 2 stars i have nothing to do.

Why not just if you play againts somebody you can win-lose points, due you can risk for 30-40 which are more dificult, but not lose points when somebody plays agains you, normally with a better car which is unfair.


  • ShakesShakes Posts: 2
    Agreed! After an hour 60% of the pvp racers are negative and I’ve races several with maxed out cars with the star car they have. Getting a higher star car is a huge advantage. I’ve done events with a higher star car and knowing the star below cars max out at so upgrading just over their max wipes out all races that topped out their cars.  Another thing is those racers pop up for several races in a row and you can pretty much wipe their tourney out!! Not that cool when it’s a few hundred gold with no chance of winning that gold back or gaining more gold than you entered with. 

    * Customizing you car is pretty weak with options.

    Can you actually beat Ava for her ride buying the super boost? Her ride is Boss!  I haven’t seen anything that talks or shows her getting beat purchasing the $17 boost.
  • RebelRiderRebelRider Posts: 5
    Prices for things are very high, and some events are useless, like the last one i'm not gonna participate due:

    Already have the Mercedes SLS.
    400 gold to enter and about 105 to get back for 10-19th. Get into 1-9 is so hard.
    300k money, i already have 1.8m.
    50x gold  keys well...

    So at the end, pay 300 gold by 50x gold keys and 300k money? not worth.

    Saving gold for pieces on car upgrades and possible interesting offers on the future to get some kind of rare car with high stars or similar.
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