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Fustion time for a B car to 4 stars ?

I used fusion for first time to get one for 3 stars, and just realized it needed 8 hours to get completed and i was unable to race in the last event, so i lost at least 160 points...

So, planning use fusion credits for a 4 star car, but scared the fusion time instead of 8 hours became 24h or similar that will be lose around 500 points due not available to race in the event.

Any idea?


  • johns294johns294 Posts: 119 ✭✭✭
    I I thought you could race while the upgrades were in progress. 
  • RebelRiderRebelRider Posts: 5
    Upgrades yes, but not fusing
  • aleoaleo Posts: 13
    I fused my tier A Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 for the second time to 5 stars and it took 36 hours!!!!! That's absolutely ridiculous!! Then once its fused its near impossible to get all the stage 6 resources to upgrade to stage 7 because the stage 6 resources are so damn rare. I bet there isn't a single person that has a car that is completely maxed out (especially higher tier cars).
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