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Bugatti and Mitsubishi questions

I have both the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron. Both are maxed out at stage 5. Why is it that the Veyron is clearly faster and has a higher PP than the Chiron? The Veyron costs $475k while the Chiron costs $2 million! If I spend $2 million on a car I would expect it to be blazing fast and definitely have a higher PP! There are actually many cars you can get in imports that aren't as powerful as cars you can just buy.

There was recently a Mitsubishi ladder event. The Lancer Evo is the only Mitsubishi in the game. One of the prizes was a tier B Mitsubishi aug. The only Mitsubishi in the game (Lancer Evolution) is a tier C car and can't even use tier B augs. So why make one of the prizes a Mitsubishi tier B aug??? Makes no sense!


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