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Sick and tired of losing

Howdy, the problem is that I'm losing plenty of races. I don't even stand a chance of winning a race when my opponent gets his both cars in to top 10 and my both cars are in the back of the grid. 

So basically, I know the outcome of this race even before it starts. So what's the point of racing? I'm winning just 3 or 4 races out of 10 in series 5. I'm stuck with coins from 1m to 2m so there is nothing I can do. I can't even upgrade my drivers or cars because the upgrade costs more than a million. I'm tired of this ****. You need to make some serious adjustments to this game.. 


  • StevoStevo Posts: 4
    I would go back and grind Series 4 for a while..
  • JustasJustas Posts: 2
    Not helpful enough. I used to win races in series 7. About 6/10 so that was a good result for me because I was gaining coins. But after that it all fell apart. I lost many games in series 7, had full flags in series 6 but then lost half of them.. I don't think that series 4 would benefit for me because I would need to win around 20 races in a row for an engine update... Not an option for me I think. 
  • StevoStevo Posts: 4
    I know it can be frustrating..
    Didn't mean to be unhelpful, just sometimes the grind/win can build confidence/coins again

    When I first went up to 6, I think I won the first 3 races...."Hey this is easy!!!".... then lost a bundle and realised I would be skint soon at this rate. So went back to 5 and made millions, upgraded appropriately etc

    Will obviously take longer to "win millions" on 4, but that's the grind..

    Also, realise you probably won in 6/7 with Hamilton and whoever else you had, but I'd stick with the 2 drivers your opponent has in your screenshot. I regularly win in 6, and pop up to 7 now and again for crates but I don't particularly like the 7 tracks

    Good luck whatever you do! ;)
  • mrs72089mrs72089 Posts: 11
    Use drivers with high consistency to get a good position during qualifying. Grind on lower series to get crates and upgrade your car and drivers. Try to use mine as your guide. As of now I'm grinding on series 5 to get more upgrade parts and I'm not after the coins now because I can farm on series 6. Just try my parts and drivers. Hope it will help you.
  • MajorJeffMajorJeff Posts: 184 ✭✭✭
    You've built a car with too much power for the drivers and parts you are using.
    Reduce power and improve the other stats.

  • mrs72089mrs72089 Posts: 11
    Then give me the names of the parts I need for my driver MajorJeff. I would be glad if you screenshot and upload it here. 😊
  • mxdcarmomxdcarmo Posts: 3
    I'm losing every race on series 7... i'm stuck on series 6

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