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Safety Car Passed

TK05TK05 Posts: 5
edited February 2020 in Report a Bug
On Bay Marina, there is a slow up at the top of the track whenever there is a yellow flag. This time, I watched the safety car get passed. The slow up happens where you see my LEC in 8th.


  • mikerob18mikerob18 Posts: 4
    Have noticed there almost no safety cars now in my games people crash or run out of gas never comes out that much but more it **** me off is can take up to. Two laps because it holds until car 1 get back to the start before starting so if the safety car comes out on the last two laps your completely screwed unless your in front of the other player but if it happens in a event we’re you need to get 47 points this also stops that from happening and will cost you any opportunity of winning the event 
  • alwydlalwydl Posts: 6
    same behaviour here, but in other tracks also and no only at this point un Bay Marina.
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