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Sandstorm - Riders on the Storm (Event)

rei348rei348 Posts: 1,339 ✭✭✭✭
Sorry, I don't have screenshot, but since this one is missing:

Track Set 1:
1/2 mile drag asphalt
Twisty road sand
Hairpin road sand
Parking asphalt
Slalom mixed (santa monica)

Track Set 2:
Slalom mixed (santa monica)
Zig zag circuit asphalt
G-force sand
Hill climb sand
kart circuit asphalt

Track Set 3:
collina mixed (track on canyon set, I don't know english name)
Slalom mixed (santa monica)
Zig zag circuit asphalt
1/4 mile drag asphalt
Panorama road sand (track on canyon set, not sure english name)

Track Set 4:
1/2 mile drag sand
Slalom sand (standard slalom)
Fast circuit asphalt
1 mile drag asphalt
Slalom asphalt (standard slalom)

Hope someone can upload screenshots!


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