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Updating Game Support website Car Packs

KcrayKcray Posts: 212 ✭✭✭
First off, this post is not a complaint about drop rates and I ask that you don't post complaints about the drop rates in this thread. 
TLDR version - can we get drop rates for the following packs posted on the support page: premium and CF packs for specific tags (ex. Concept), premium and CF packs for specific manufacturers (ex. Jaguar), and premium and CF packs for events like Tri-series finals ex. (2009's).

When going to the support website ( to look at the targeted drop rates it would be nice to include some of the new types of packs that are now available since the game has evolved.

It currently has drop rates for the packs you can buy with cash premium and aluminum any time in the game (examples: 80's, 90's, off road, and specific countries).

We now have premium and CF packs for tags (I will refer to these as Tag Premium and Tag CFs for this post) like Concept, Hot Hatch that would be good to have the drop rates on there. In the current, Take It To The Streets event, there are Street Racer CFs, Muscle Car CFs and Street Racer "Special" packs all available for purchase. Does the Street Racer and Muscle Car CFs have the same drop rates? And are they different than regular CFs?

Additionally, there are premium manufacturer drop rates on the support page, but it does not show the drop rates for a manufacturer CF (I will refer to these as Manufacturer Premiums and Manufacturer CFs).

Lastly, if I use the last few finals as an example we had packs like pre-2000's 4 seaters, 2009, and German Hatchbacks (I will refer to these as Event Premium and Event CFs). There is an entry on the support page for "Multiplayer Event Packs", but I was told by Hutch that the packs and their drop rates were for a one-time pack, similar to Titanium Packs. Do these premium and CF packs have the same drop rates as Tag Premium and Tag CFs, Manufacturer Premiums and Manufacturer CFs, or does it completely depend on the way each pack is created?


  • MoogMoog Posts: 532 ✭✭✭✭
    We also had Basic and Plus packs recently, no info at all on those, was requested here:
  • Hutch_DmitriHutch_Dmitri Posts: 306 admin
    Hi Kevin, thanks a lot for your detailed thread. 

    We are currently working on a new pack building system which allows us to build packs quickly and from scratch, which is great for themed events and challenges like year of the ox, as we can quickly generate any packs that we want.

    This will come with some UI changes, and for the newer packs we know that the drop rates info will be displayed in-game! 

    As for older packs, it's not currently planned to add this feature to the MVP, which means that older packs won't get the in-game drop rates info at the beginning, however I will put it on the list of requested features.

    I've chatted with Customer Support, and they will look at updating the public drop rates sheets with more relevant info when the feature I described above gets closer to release.

    Thanks again for your input, hope that helps.
  • NicooooooNicoooooo Posts: 56 ✭✭
     Will there also be an "improvement" on the pack appearance in part of the UI update? 
    What I'm saying is that, often you get a top secret testing image for quite some packs.
    I can understand when it's for very strict requirement that it may not be worth designing a new pack, but for cases like muscle car, which is also a permanent tag, it might be cooler with a muscle car on the pack.
    Also the thing is that you cannot even pull the car shown on this particular pack, as the Caterham Lola SP/300.R is not (yet?) in the game just like the aluminium pack and two of the picture below 
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